For years I have been in love with the torpedo body style of the late 40's. Being a baby boomer myself (born 09/48), I became fixated on finding a 48 that I could turn into a cruiser. Buick was my first model of choice, however everyone else in Oregon was also of that opinion so I decided to hit the Internet. I expanded my search to include all of the General Motor's cars of 1948 and came upon Dan's site showing a 1948 Oldsmobile. I hit the little (more info) button and a few hours later I got a reply from Dan with several choices. The 1948 Oldsmobile (later affectionately named Anabelle) was the one Kathy and I chose to fall in love with. At first I didn't think that we could get it because it was a bit out of our price range and lets face it the darn thing was in Texas. I asked Dan if he could negotiate with the owner and fit my price including shipping. I actually gave up and told Dan to keep me in mind if something else came up. Then a few days later I got this message.

Howdy Gary,
You got yourself a car !! It wasn't easy but I can make it fly.
I will call you tonight and start making the arrangements.

Needless to say I was ecstatic. Dan hooked me up with the owner and he and the gal at American Auto Shippers got the ball rolling. I had the car in my garage in Oregon in about 9 days. I was looking for a good Texas name for the car when Anabelle the shipping clerk said she was from Texas. Dan included his vote so it became unanimous and thus the name Anabelle for the Oldsmobile. I highly recommend Dan as your Internet auto broker. He goes out of his way to put people in their dream cars. I may have him sell a jeep for me in the future.

Gary Garrett
1500 E 14th
The Dalles, Oregon 97058