From dream to reality

It all started for me in 1992, seeing my dream in car magazines, having posters of the car on the wall…..dreaming of the car, and hoping that one day I would have the possibility of having a Dodge Viper in my garage……but the dream was far away, I didn’t even have my own motor vehicle at that time.

The years went by, and in 2007 I started looking for the Dodge Viper once again….trying to find out what kind of money I would have to pay to get my own Viper…..and found out that the 1992 edition of the Dodge Viper, was more expensive and more rare than the model from 1993 and onwards….but the 1992 edition was the one of my dreams…..the one that I wanted….but with only about 200 Vipers build that year it would be quite a task to find one for a reasonable amount of money….

So what can I do, I found “Dream-Machines” on the internet and wrote an email…got an answer the same night from Tom, one of the Danish guys helping Dan because Dan do not speak the Danish language.

I felt right away that Tom was ready to help me……he asked me if I did have any problems with the English language, and if not then to contact Dan regarding my “project”…..so I did…writing some emails back and forth, I asked Dan for a meeting, and on the 19´th of January 2008 I turned up at Dan address in Varde, with a dream in my head, a dream that I needed Dan´s help to fulfil…..and then it all started…..finding a Viper for me….!

Many Viper´s turned up….but they all turned out to be dead ends, the car was not there at all or the car was not out for sale…..but in the start of April a car turned up at the internet on the home page for Dodge Viper owners in the US….Dan contacted the seller, got at lot of pictures from the seller, wonderful pictures of the car of my dreams.

Dan and I knew that we had to act quickly, so less than 3 days later the car was bought and picked up at the seller……

YES, the car was mine and I would have it home in no time….”in your dreams”….I had to wait nearly 4 months before I could pick up the car in Århus….4 months due to the fact that everybody was buying cars in the US and wanted them shipped to Europe now……4 months of waiting and writing emails to Dan….a lot of emails, asking for the status on my Viper, where it was and if there was any news….I have wrote a lot of emails, Dan and I did have a laugh about that when I picked up the car, but luckily I do not have the record for most emails, one of Dan´s other clients have……

Anyway, no matter how often I wrote Dan asking that same question over and over again “Any news…? are we on schedule….? or when the car would arrive in Århus…? ” I always quickly got an email back with the status…..and in a good tone and with an understanding of my concern for the car and the project.

On the 12´th of August 2008 was the big day…my Viper was picked up in Århus…Dan asked me if I had a name for “her”…I said “no” and quickly Dan named her “Vicki”, so now it’s “Vicki the Viper”

The next thing for me is to get a “Data erklæring” for the car, get the car though MOT….and finally paying the registration tax for my “Vicki” to get her on the road……hope that all will be done in 2009…am already on the way with the “data erklæring” and the MOT….

So if you have a dream, but need someone to help you making this dream come trough, Dan is the man to contact, he will help you….Dan has the contacts and the knowledge of where to find the right car to the right price……..don’t let the dream be in your mind, let the dream be a reality on the road with you behind the wheel……remember you only live once.

Best regards

A very happy man