1970 DNEPR K750

Dear Dan,

You asked me to drop a line about the trip home from Varde to Undløse, Tølløse, on the old russian. Things went fairly well although we had a steady wind against us until we reached Storebælt. After that it was a cool, almost pleasant ride despite the fact that I was getting a little tired (like the old times with my own Nimbus with a sidecar some 35 years ago). In Kolding we visited some relatives for about an hour for coffee, juice and sandwiches, so the trip was not entirely hard work on the road. We were home a little to eight, so I figure went spend some 5 odd hours doing the 300 kilometers ("roadtime").

The bike is an old lady with her own peculiaritys but it has a lot of charm and my son already is deep in love with it as far as I can see. I´m planning on taking a picture or two when my son has done the first trips on the bike. I guess that will be in 3 or 4 weeks (there are waiting lists for the moment regarding getting the drivers license).

Jens Spaaheden