Many years ago we promised ourselves that our next car would be a roadster. We saw a Singer at a car exhibition once and this little car somehow got stuck in our memory. However, it was not a car that was advertised for sale very often so we began searching for it in classic car magazines and on the Internet.

This summer we then struck gold. We saw this little yellow car advertised and fell instantly in love with her. The only problem was that she was in California and we were here in Denmark … without any knowledge what so ever about what to do. We called a lot of people and were a bit disappointed because of their lack of interest (it took days before they returned our calls), only wanted to help us with the shipment or wanted too much for a total package.

We had almost given up when we talked to Dan from Dream Machines. He promised us to take care of everything: to pick up the car in Sacramento, take care that we got the registration papers, ship her and pay customs etc. We got good advice about buying cars and how to go about the whole business with the seller. As he said: it should just be like ordering a meal at a restaurant. You get the food, eat and pay. And so it was. In between we received photos of her going into the container in the port, which was quite a relief to us. Now that we had paid for the car, it was really nice to see that we would also get one (such photos are an extremely good idea, Dan).

She finally then arrived in Århus in November after a long journey, and we must say that she lived up to our expectations. It was good that Dan and Brian could help us with all the practical matters; otherwise the car would still be in California. Should we ever fall in love with another car in California, we would know whom to contact again.

Lone Lehmann Mathiesen & Henning Mathiesen