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Welcome to Dream Machines.


Dream Machines is a Danish company in it's 15th year importing
Classic machines to Denmark and the European community. When
you ask Dream Machines to find your dream machine we start working. Our locating network in the United States will find what you want to
your specifications and bring it home for you. We will help you with spare parts and technical assistance as part of our service. We have eliminated the risk of buying a car from the U.S.A. Tell us what you
want and Dream Machines can make your dreams a reality.
(See the client letters)

If there is a car you are interested in getting further information on, click the e-mail box under the cars pictures and ask us to send more information. Our specialty is finding specific cars to order. Please do not hessitate to ask questions, we are happy to assist you.

The Dream Machines price includes:
Freight, loading and unloading, Customs Clearance U.S.A., Customs Clearance Denmark, Duty (Told) and VAT (MOMS). The cars arrive into Århus, Denmark. Delivery can be arranged to any point in Europe or worldwide.

Thank you very much for visiting our web site and we hope you enjoy it.


Dream Machines
Dybdalsvej 23
6800 Varde
(+45) 75 21 20 84


Dream Machines - Dybdalsvej 23 - 6800 (DK)-Varde - Tlf.(+45) 7521 2084

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